Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Newsletter November 2011

Hello to you all,

This is not to be a "wordy"newsletter; just some quick updates and then giving room to some excellent photographs.

If you recall I was concerned last month that funding for Lifelince was due to finish in 2011...well the good news is that a reported 34 million euros has been allocated to continue the excellent monitoring, and indeed to attempt recolonisation of the Iberian Lynx into more areas of inland Spain.  Positive vibes all round during our recent tour in Andujar, where we made the very best of the time there despite some pretty unfriendly weather.  Never mind, I see its now back to 24'C and sunny . Hmm.

A very interesting article by Michael Viney in the Irish Times of Saturday November 5th has just been sent to me ( thank you Jane! ) entitled  "How our Wolves were ushered into History."  he balances an historical summary of wolf presence countrywide with neat reports of individual encounters , drawing an interesting comparison between locals living with wolves for generations and those who colonised the land:-

"The attitudes to wolves of the native Irish were quite different from those of the island's colonists.  The first accepted them as part of the natural landscape, to be hunted now and then for various reasons; people were used to having them around, even if not everyone was comfortable with this.  The colonists were appalled by their presence in "Wolf Land" and sought to exterminate them, even ready to kill horses to use as bait in the forest."

During our time spent in Culebra we see a people who manage their rural economy alongside wolves.  As in all relationships, there are tense times, but the balance and toleration seem to be general bye-words.  perhaps the very controlled hunting of wolves in Culebra could be replaced by sensitive tourism...a source of many post-dinner debates here?!

We are off to Sierra de la Culebra early December and look forward to our landing at Valladolid;  if ever the adjective "rural" can be attached to "airport", this is surely the place to do it.  However, we are aware that Stansted/Ryanair is not easy for all, and this month I intend to check the feasibility of also offering regular collections from Madrid airport too;  please keep checking our website for changes if this affects you, or just drop us an e-mail.

I am delighted that Rick, one of our party last May/June in Culebra, has given us a short gallery of his photo impressions of that trip to share with you.  Thank you for this Rick, and John and I are delighted to have you and Steve on a return tour - this time "Looking for Lynx" next June.

So, best wishes to you all, and enjoy the pictures!

Back in time.

Black Redstart

2 Black Storks.

Booted Eagle

Bosca's Newt.

Pine forest.

Gorge de Duoro.

Iberian Water Frog.

Crested Lark Chicks in the nest. Can you spot them?

Common Buzzard in flight

Rock Bunting.

Rock Thrush.

Short-toed Eagle.

And was certainly worth it!  Wolf!
Mgt H.

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