Monday 6 May 2019

Newsletters 2019

I am writing this post to explain  that I shall be pausing the production of Newsletters for a few months while other exciting projects are getting closer to fruition and demand more of my time at present.

Please look out for some promising new developments with Wild Wolf Experience as we explore the possibility of expanding the tours offered to you, again only operating totally exclusively with you, our clients, and never joining strangers together for tours; John and I are very hopeful that the future developments will add to the experiences we already offer for you so successfully. There are a couple of new developments which should be available to you all within the next couple of months and along with some of my own personal work which is demanding more of my time at present, I hope you will allow me to pause Newsletter publication to concentrate on these future offers which will be published here as well as on the website.

John is continuing to publish photos and videos almost as they happen, on our Wild Wolf Experience and his own personal Facebook pages, and you don't need to be a signed-up member of Facebook to see these...just click on the link on the website sidebar. Also as you know I am always ready to answer any queries you may have personally and promptly. Clients' comments are also quoted verbatim on our website , for you to see.

I look forward to sharing these exciting new developments with you soon, and in the meantime thank you for your continued custom and interest in all we do here.

Margaret 07/05/19.