Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wild Wolf Experience Newsletter June 2011

Hello to you all,

Welcome to our new blogging way of distributing news...what a lot to tell!

As you can see from our latest trip report, we couldn't have asked for a more dramatic finale than a magnificent male wolf centre stage in the last few hours of our visit.  I hope you enjoy the stunning photographs of some of the very interesting wildlife encountered.

The Iberian Wolf has recently featured in two interesting magazine articles;

The June issue of "Geographical", the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, headlines "Wolves at the Door" and highlights ways for farmers and these large carnivores to co-exist on the Iberian peninsula  In the .National Geographic for July 2011 "The Delicate Balance of Portugal's Premier Park".describes the area of Northern Portugal we love to visit, the Peneda-Geres, depicting in words and beautiful photographs the craggy habitat which supports 40 Iberian wolves.

John and I are back in the Sierra de la Culebra in early July to check if any cubs have been raised at the den at Linarejos and to ascertain the movements of the other packs in the Sierra.  A wolf has been seen in the cornfields near Villafafila this month.  Probably  a wandering lone male seeking out new territory. The woods,  orchards and hills will be alive in July  with newly fledged birds and young red and roe deer and wild boar.

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Margaret H.