Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Newsletter May 2012

Hello Everyone,

Just a brief newsletter alerting you to some publications which may be of interest.

The excellent magazine "Wolfprint" published  by the UKWCT (UK Wolf Conservation Trust)  contains an article of mine featuring the Iberian Wolf and how local life accepts and works with this predator in its midst. I should be in  the Summer 2012 edition, which I presume will be published around June time.  This may be the only indication that summer is here, as the weather does not seem to be giving us any clues. As a follow-up to my first article, published in Winter 2008 it is not exactly speedy, so let's hope I didn't leave everyone on a cliffhanger then !If you enjoy this magazine, please look later in the year at the Winter edition as we can recommend an article entitled "Into the Valley of the Wolves" by Douglas Breakwell, who takes a particular  interest in the wolves of Yellowstone National Park.

Frozen Planet crew member Doug Allan wrote in a recent edition of The Times,

"When you're out in the field, there are two things you have to remember to keep sane.  The first is, you can be in only one place at a time, so you just have to live with it when you return to camp and they say 'We saw it this afternoon but you were too far away to contact.'  The other one is:  if you're not there, you'll never see it, so you have to be out there looking every single moment you can."

To witness truly wild animals without the advantage of hides or electronic tagging is a challenge in itself, never mind coping with occasional adverse weather or external interferences, and it is an experience which John and I relish and thrive upon.  It requires patience and persistence which repays many fold when we get our wolf or lynx views and  we are able to share these with you.

This month we are in Sierra de Andujar  "Looking for Lynx" and I shall report back to you on what I hope will be a successful tour. Until then, I hope you manage to take the time to look through the latest trip report.

With all good wishes,


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