Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Newsletter July 2011

Hello to you all,

As I sit here in England during yet another post St.Swithin's downpour, I try not to consult the sunny weather reports from Sierra de la Culebra !

I hope you will find time to read the report on our recent wolf-watching trip, a success once again.  We are proud of our record of 11 tours, 10 of which provided wolf sightings, and certainly the wolf encounters this month were outstanding.  To see 3 wolves out on a hunt, followed later by sight of a lone male going about his business - literally! -  fully rewards the hours of tracking and waiting.

I wonder if you could check the photograph of the lizard we saw at San Pedro, displayed in our tour report, and please let us know if our identification needs to be changed?  If it is not correct...what is it, please?

Off to the Bird fair at Egleton, Rutland Water this August.  We shall bethere, happy tomeet and talk with you, on Saturday and Sunday 20th/21st August.  We always look forward to this event, and hope to meet you there.

All best wishes,

Mgt H.

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  1. Nice to read. Can't wait until next month when it's my turn again to look and search for those 5 star mammals in Culebra mountains. Cheers Jan